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Style your Home

Discover the unlimited possibilities with Epoxy Resin.

Our products are perfect for furniture manufacturing. For finishing bathroom furnishings, counters or bar tables, sideboards, and tables. Even stair steps and window ledges can be finished with ETOPOX epoxy resin.

Try it out - you’ll be amazed!

  • Anti-yellowing formula
  • Perfect purity of resin and hardener
  • High UV-resistance
  • Crystal clear
  • Can be colored with coordinated mixing concentrates
  • Easy to handle

ETOPOX is the brand under which we manufacture and distribute special epoxy resins.

Our offer is aimed at both professionals and DIY enthusiasts who have the appropriate specialist knowledge for handling epoxy resins. The ETOPOX epoxy resins and Multimix color concentrates specifically coordinated for use allow for the maximum degree of creative freedom with the highest level of quality.

Crystal clear, transparent, semi-transparent, metallic or effect pigmented, or in full color, thin or thick-layered surfaces or three-dimensional shapes - anything is possible.


Imagine: A hotel chain would like to combine its company colors with natural wood or design an individual entrance and lobby. Or: A retail business is looking for “unique” sales counter. Or: A private customer would like to give their new build a really personal touch.

Thanks to the ETOPOX products, you can reach your customers with a broad and colorful range of offers.

Discover the variety.

River Tables

Do your customers want individually combined colors with wood for their homes? Do you want to design your own table? No problem.

Lamps with 3D motives

Turn your living room into an experience. Be inspired.

Creativity knows no limits

Do you prize individuality? With ETOPOX you can create true masterpieces.

Color variety with our Multimix Color Concentrates

Our Multimix color concentrates are made from extremely light-resistant color pigments. Almost any color is possible. The spectrum ranges from extremely light to dazzling, luminous, and very dark. We offer many popular colors from classic white to red, blue, and green. Unbelievable patterns can be created with or without integrated metallic or pearlesence pigments.

Do it yourself

We are happy to support you in realizing your project and providing you with help and advice. Our products are perfect for all types of tables, bathroom furnishings, bars or bar tables, and side boards. Even stair steps and window ledges can be finished with ETOPOX epoxy resin. Try it out - you’ll be amazed!


A unique piece has been created, now it also needs finishing. We are happy to provide you with advice about how you need to handle surfaces and protective functions. After all, your unique piece should also be able to withstand a certain amount and be properly cared for.


If you like to be creative, epoxy resin is the way to go. Whether you are using pinecones, stones or other small parts. You can use it to create fantastic structures and your very own objects.

Marble effects

Some call it regal, some refer to a modern classic trend, and we describe it as a DIY marble look. With ETOPOX epoxy resin, you can create a marble effect which could be mistaken for the real thing. Combine numerous color shades with our specially manufactured pigment mixing concentrates.

Made in Switzerland

We are Swiss manufacturers and suppliers of special chemical products, colors, and paints.

We started out as a paint manufacturer with our own thinner production, and today we have established ourselves on the market as a specialist for polymer chemicals, paints, and coatings. We have been developing our products in our laboratories for a variety of industrial requirements since 1955. We are considered a pioneer in all things concerning water-based paints and a strong partner in general industry, the automotive, rail transport, and building industries. Integration into the Mäder Group (Villeneuve d’Ascq, France) in 2000 expanded our expertise.


As experts in the sector, we know that people want to work as intuitively as possible with our products. Short explanations and simple, practical applications are our motto.

  • Our products are ready to use
  • Stock and hardener are bottled in the suitable ratio
  • Pour the hardener into the main container, stir - and you’re done
  • Easy addition of color mixing concentrates or pearlescence powder

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For handicraft and hobby

We are a Swiss manufacturer and supplier of speciality chemical products, paints and varnishes since 1931 and belong to an international family-run group of companies. Under the ETOPOX brand, we market special epoxy resins and colour pastes that address the needs for creativity, inspiration, diversity and individuality. Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of chemical formulations, we have formulated the simplicity of a transparent epoxy resin, thanks to optimisation and the use of our colour expertise, into a significantly more light-stable and colour-rich system called ETOPOX 3D.